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INTERCROMEX ready mixed mortar
St Astier  Hydraulic Limes (HL)
A ready mixed mortar for renders stipple and main coats on cement background, metal lath, new bricks. Based on St. Astier Natural Hydraulic Lime with addition of cement , additives and aggregates conforming to EN/BS 998.1

Preparation: add 4.5 to 5 litres of clean water per bag. Mix Between 3 and 5 minutes maximum.

Protection and curing: do not apply in temperatures below 5 oC and above 30 oC. Dampen the background to control suction prior to application. Protect against drying wind, rain and strong sun. If necessary cure with light water mist for 2-3 days. Wait 7 days before applying a finishing coat.
If required, Intercromex can be floated to a finish and painted when dry.

It is recommended that Intercromex is cast on or sprayed on. For work on metal lath apply Intercromex as a first coat of minimum 10mm (15mm max.). On precast cement blocks make sure that de-moulding oils are eliminated (if necessary by sanding or high pressure water jet).
Dry bulk density (hardened product)     1600-1800 kg x m3
Elasticity moduli                                      7500 to 14000 Mpa
Flexural strength                                    2 to 3.5 Mpa
Compressive strength @ 28 days         8 - 10 N.mm2
Hydration water retention                      80% to 90%
Capillarity (grams/dm2.min.1/2)              3 to 7
Vapour permeability (g.m2.hour.mmHg) 0.77
Granulometry                                          0 - 1.3 mm
The above details are given for general information purposes and do not constitute a specification.


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